July 7, 2002

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Uncle Pat "flys" Jacob.
Brother (brother), sister (sister), brother (brother).   Oh brother.
Uncle Zac and Jacob stare off for feeding.
Momma and Sierra.
Ok, everybody look!
Got an armful.
Keep it comin' this stuff is good
What, me?
Four generations of Dalbecs.
One big happy family.
Closer, closer, - perfect!
Griffin's got a girlfriend?
Daddy wants a nap too!
Look how cute - we are coordinated.
Great Grandma Sally lets Sierra touch.
Sierra and Grandma Cindy have a laugh off.
Asleep on the job.
Double triplets.
4th of July family photo.
Squeeze tighter!  This is fun.
Jacob looks around.
Funny and cute!
Look, I didn't spill too much.
Hey, who's tickling me?
One cool dude.
Someone comb my hair please.