Babies September 5, 2002

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Yep, cute as a button.
Sierra: Future volleyball star?
Griffin is funny, funny!
Jacob says "Yep, I'm cool."
Three sports babies.
What in the world is up there?
Where did Sierra go?  I can't see her.
Don't we look good in red?
My goodness we are cute.
Yep, it's me.
Jacob is a big boy in his button up shirt.
Yep, I do look good!
Comin at you, ready or not.
What can I say - I look good in green.
Hanging out with "Nonna" Sydney.
Triplets old enough to feed our triplets - just what we need!
Look out, crawling coming soon!
Sierra thinks about it.
Griffin trys to hold in the drool.
Jacob wonders when it's time to eat again.
Which is more interesting, Gromit or Daddy?
Clean laundry, clean baby!
Dressed up in Momma's old dress.
I can make funny faces now.
Yes?  Can I help you?
Ya, I can sit, ya I'm cool.
Girl twins like Sierra best.